Background of BOPP

Benso Oil Palm Plantation commenced in 1976 as Joint Venture between U.A.C.I. and the Ghana Government. The Ghana Government Shares were divested to the public in 2004 and the company got listed on the Ghana Stock Exchange with Unilever Ghana being the majority shareholder and having management control. In March 2011, Wilmar International, the largest agribusiness company on the Singapore Stock Exchange, through Its Wilmar Africa Subsidiary acquired the shares of Unilever Ghana and the shares of other shareholders to become the largest shareholder with management control of BOPP. The Estate is situated at Adum Banso 42 km (26 miles) north of Takoradi and 267 km (166 miles) from Accra. The average rainfall is 1,705 mm per annum with the wettest period about 269 mm in June and the driest period about 34 mm in January.

  • Mission

    To develop sustainable oil palm plantations and produce palm oil products that meet the aspirations and standards of our value chain partners and stakeholders.

  • Vision

    To become the centre of excellence for the oil palm industry in Africa, where best practice is the standard and productivity and resource use are most efficient and easy on the planet.

  • Values
      · Socially responsible
      · Ecologically sustainable
      · Good corporate citizenship
      · Ethical
      · Productive
      · Excellence

Environment, Health and Safety

The company conducted its business in a safe and environmentally responsible manner by providing safety facilities and conditions for employees, their dependents and the communities in its catchment area. The company observed a week-long Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) awareness emersion during the year to reinforce the need for all employees, contractors, school children, dependents at home and the catchment communities to stay safe at all times. Safety messages were issued weekly to the entire workforce to educate and inform them on developments in the safety, health and environment arena. Structured training programmes were also organised highlighting on Behaviour-based safety, Fire prevention and fire- fighting, Lock-Out and Tag-Out (for safety against electricity and moving machinery parts), Boiler operations safety, and Environmental awareness among others, and the required compliance as well as the consequences of non-compliance.

BOPP land size

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Contract Workers

Management Committee Members

The MCM are made up of five key members which are also the heads of departments. We have Estate department, Technical Department, Finance Department and HR department.