Board of Directors

The responsibility of good corporate governance is placed with the Board of directors and the management team. The Board comprises three (3) full time executive and five (5) non-executive directors. To ensure effective control and monitoring of the Company’s business, the Board has two main committees; the management committee and the audit committee which in turn work through other sub-committees to oversee specific important functions.

Management Committee

The management committee meets monthly to review the performance of the Company, and assesses progress against the annual plan. It reviews programmes, strategies, and key issues and allocates resources and assigns responsibilities and resources for achievement of goals. The committee has oversight responsibility for world class agronomic practices, financing strategies and human resource development programmes to ensure excellence in performance.

Audit & Risk Committee

The Audit and Risk Committee consists of three directors. Independent non-executive directors constitute a majority on the committee. At least one of the independent non-executive members is a Chartered Accountant with recent and relevant financial experience. The Committee is responsible for overseeing the integrity of the accounting and financial reporting system and reporting to the Board on these matters. The terms of reference of the Committee are clearly defined under section 4.2 of the Board Charter.

HR, Nominations & Ethics Committee

The HR, Nominations and Ethics Committee consists of three members, a majority of the members of which (including its chairman) are independent non-executive directors. The Committee is responsible for the operation of the nominating policy and for developing a succession plan for the MD and other senior executive officers as determined by the Board. The Committee is also responsible for recommending a remuneration policy to the Board of directors. The Board may invite the HR, Nominations and Ethics Committee to suggest a policy that applies to other staff. The terms of reference of the Committee are clearly defined under section 4.3 of the Board Charter.

2022 BOPP Annual General Meeting

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